Earthquake Source Model Database
Welcome to SRCMOD - an online database of finite-fault rupture models of past earthquakes!
> Join us in our efforts to collect and disseminate earthquake rupture models by using this database for your research, contributing your rupture models that you obtain(ed) in your research, and sending us comments and suggestions.
> You can acccess the models, by searching based on meta information or browse all the models .
> In the list of the models, link to the page for each source model is provided under the author field.
> The page for each source model provide the fundamental parameters, image of slip on the fault, and download links.
> See File Formats page for details on the conventions used for MATLAB-binaries and ASCII-file formatting.
> Your contributions to this database are highly appreciated! We hope that the number of source models will increase as researchers send us their inversion/modeling results, not only for recent, but also for past earthquakes.
> We encourage contributors to prepare their source models in *mat-format .
> You can download all the models (.zip files).
> Currently: the database has 470 models from 227 earthquakes, last updated: Feb. 13, 2024.
> You can upload the data directly by using Upload tool.
> Please send us your inquiries and suggestions. If you discover inconsistency or error, please inform us immediately.
> Check out the 2014 paper in the Seismological Research Letters (including an erratum).

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