Earthquake Source Model Database

SRCMOD database is an initiative taken up by Martin Mai to compile and disseminate earthquake rupture models. The database was published at for the first time during 2004, and subsequently, revised during 2007.

Year 2012, this project has been launched as part of equake-rc website and improved to a large extent with incorporation of new tools. Kiran Kumar Thingbaijam designed and coded the dynamic features of the website. Currently, the website is maintained by Martin Mai and Kiran Kumar Thingbaijam.

On-line users can now search the models based on Meta data. Researchers can directly upload their data. The users can also track the database based on the upload date of the models. The provisions also include different file-formats,and bulk download facility. The database currently holds 543 models from a total of 291 earthquakes.

The database has been recieving huge support from the scientific community. Large number of researchers accross the globe have generously contributed their rupture models (in electronic format). Region-specific efforts by researchers helped in compiling rupture models that otherwise would not have been accessible. The database also include rupture models made available by several online repositories (Dave Wald's repository of finite-source models, USGS , CalTech Site of Global Large Earthquakes, and Chen Ji's Large Earthquake Database ). Time again, many people sent their comments and pointed out inconsistencies in the database. Their role in improving the database is appreciated.

We thank all the contributors. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support by the Southern California Earthquake Center and the E.C Project RELIEF (EVG1-CT-2002-00069).

DISCLAIMER: While some models have been extracted from publications, most of the data were kindly sent to us in electronic format by the authors. It may so happen that electronically provided rupture models are not consistent with the source images of the corresponding publications. Rupture models may even be subject to changes/updates after publications as new data become available or new inversion strategies are tested. We do not take any responsibility for such rupture-model variability. We have tried our best to compile all data and meta-data as completely and accurately as possible. However, often even the corresponding publications fail to report important source-model or inversion-parameterization information or actually list parameters that are grossly inconsistent with the electronic version of the source model. In these cases, we either had to "guesstimate" certain parameters or we report them as "unknown".

USAGE: Each user of the data and meta-data of the SRCMOD-database should verify that the given data are appropriate and accurate enough for the particular application/study.

We are happy to provide you with possible help with anything you plan to do with these source models. If you find this database of earthquake rupture models useful and you utilize it somehow for research or educational purposes, We would be more than grateful if you acknowledge this website appropriately.

Please cite the following paper:

Mai, P.M. and Thingbaijam, K.K.S. (2014). SRCMOD: An online database of finiteā€fault rupture models. Seismological Research Letters, 85(6), pp.1348-1357.

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