Stage 1: Inverse Problems

Exercise: inv3

In this test we consider a very large (MW 7.8) hypothetical strike-slip earthquake in Southern California, occurring on the southern San Andreas Fault.

Exercise: inv2

Synthetics for realizations for a Mw 7.0 normal-faulting earthquake (dip ~ 45deg), embedded in layered isotropic velocity-density structure.

Two cases are distributed, with varying station set, available data, and perturbations in the velocity structure

Exercise: inv1

Synthetics for a buried Mw 6.6 strike-slip earthquake (dip = 80deg), embedded in layered isotropic velocity-density structure.

Synthetics are provided at 40 sites around the fault; predictions need to be made for an additional set of 16 sites.

Stage 0: Forward Problems

These tests are meant to benchmark the forward-modeling tools/codes, using two simple point-source examples and two examples for a finite-fault model, considering strike-slip and dip-slip ruptures in each case.

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