Problem Statements & Relevant Data

August 2014

Inversion Exercise #3: inv3 -- large hypothetical strike-slip earthquake in Southern California

In the first stage of this problem, we distribute a dataset of teleseismic synthetics at 52 globally distributed seismic stations at which P- and SH-wave displacements are computed.

Problem inv3

March 2013

Inversion Exercise #2: inv2a / inv2b -- normal-faulting rupture on ~45deg dipping fault

In this problem, we distribute TWO sets of synthetic data, for two similar ruptures with the identical geometry.

For inv2a station distribution and velocity structure are the same as in inv1; a reduced set of stations is used in inv2b.

For inv2a synthetic data of permanent ground deformation (GPS) are provided.

Problem inv2a

Problem inv2b

July 2011

Inversion Exercise #1: inv1_dip -- strike-slip rupture on 80deg dipping fault

THE COMPLETE SOLUTION CAN BE FOUND HERE, with time-dependent slip-rate functions on the fault

Spring 2010

Green's function validation: Forward-modeling for point-source and extended-fault rupture

point-source data use the tag p0; extended-fault data are marked using ef0

the strike-slip case is tagged ss; the dip-slip case is tagged ds;

submitted results for point-source case, downloadable as .tar.gz files

submitted results for extended-fault case, downloadable as .tar.gz files

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