This site collects and disseminates data generated in a variety of research projects conducted by the CES team at KAUST. These may be simulation-generated synthetic data (and corresponding meta data), or the results of data-analyses and inversions of seismological/geophysical observations.

When using any of these data, please make reference to the appropiate publications(s) listed for each project.

Disclaimer: Although we thrive to be as complete, comprehensive and correct as possible, glitches in the data or problems with the datafile are almost unavoidable. If you encounter any issues, please get back to us right away by email.

3D-Swave-Structure-KSA     Tang et al. (2016, 2018, 2019) conducted a range of studies on the lithospheric structure beneath Saudi Arabia. The corresponding results and meta-data can be downloaded here.

Description Link
Fundamental-mode Rayleigh-wave group-velocity dispersion data obtained by Tang et al. (2018), and used in the joint inversion of Tang et al. (2019).   Download (.zip file,73KB)
Velocity models from the joint inversion of Tang et al. (2019).   Download (.zip file, 373 KB)
Cut waveforms used to calculate S-wave receiver functions, and obtained S-wave receiver functions in Tang et al. (2019).   Download (.zip file, 1.04 GB)
Cut waveforms used to calculate P-wave receiver functions, and obtained P-wave receiver functions in Tang et al. (2019)   Download (.zip file, 3.01 GB)

When downloading and using any of the data, please cite the following journal publications:

Tang, Z., P.M. Mai, H. Zahran (2019). Shear-velocity structure beneath Saudia Arabia from the joint inversion of P- and S-receiver function and Rayleigh-wave group velocity dispersion data, under review for J. Geophys. Research

Tang, Z., P.M. Mai, S.-J. Chang, H. Zahran (2018). Evidence for crustal low shear-wave speed in western Saudi Arabia from multiscale fundamental-mode Rayleigh-wave group-velocity tomography, Earth and Planetary Sceince Letters 495 (2018) 24-37, doi.org/10.1016/j.epsl.2018.05.011

Tang, Z., J. Jordi, H. Zahran, and P.M. Mai (2016). Lithospheric shear-velocitry structure of Saudi Arabia: young volcanism in an old shield, Tectonophysics, 680, 8-27, doi.org/10.1016/j.tecto.2016.05.004