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Realistic ground-motion simulations requires appropiate description of the source. Synthetic source models represented by distribution of kinematic parameters especially slip values are often used for ground-motion simulations for scenario earthquakes. This is where RUPGEN tools are useful. This suite of routines allows to generate earthquake rupture models for ground-motion simulation or for computing the static displacements due to slip on a fault. The codes implements source scaling relations (Wells and Coppersmith, 1994; Mai and Beroza, 2000), earthquake slip complexity (Mai and Beroza, 2002), and the location of rupture nucleation (Mai et al, 2005). Originally developed by Martin Mai, these software tools comes in three flavours - MATLAB, C++, and Python. The C++ and Python versions are compiled by Hugo Cruz Jimenez, and Ling Zhang.

Downloads: MATLAB version, Python version, C++ version