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This website serves to collect/share openly accountable data-resources for earthquake research.

Although we generally do not exclude any research area, it mainly focus on earthquake source modeling. In earthquake-source inversions, use of different datasets (seismic and/or geodectic) and techniques, leads to non-unique and large variability of inverted rupture models. Hence, a collaborative study, involving different research groups accross the globe, is envisaged that explores the uncertainities with the source inversions. The equake-rc platform embodies collegial efforts towards better understanding of earthquake source and associated ground-motions.

Prof. P. Martin Mai

K.K.S. Thingbaijam, PhD

The key features include: SRCMOD Database, Source Inversion Validation (SIV) Project, Codes for Earthquake Rupture and ground-motion Simulation (CERS) software, and more recently (since May, 2019), Research data.

This website was first created in the summer of 2012, as an intiative led by Prof. Martin Mai, for collaborative research on earthquake source. Kiran Kumar Thingbaijam undertook the key development, design and coding. They are currently maintaining the website.

Sanjukta Samom developed the early framework of the website. The current SIV plaform has been adpated from the initial version created by Juerg Hauser.

Many people contributed to this website, by sharing their rupture models with the SRCMOD database, and participating in the SIV exercises. The CERS-software and Research data have been compiled from variety of research conducted by Computational Earthquake Seismology (CES) group at King Abdullah Unversity of Science & Technology (KAUST). Feedbacks and comments from several people has been useful in improving the content of the website.

The ongoing effort and research contributions has been highlighted by recent publications in the Seismological Research Letters:

The Earthquake‐Source Inversion Validation (SIV) Project : Google Scholar

SRCMOD: An Online Database of Finite‐Fault Rupture Models : Google Scholar

The equake-rc website is developed on Django web framework. Naturally, the codes are mainly in python, scipy, numpy and matplotlib. The updated version of the website use Leaflet open-source JavaScript library for plotting maps. Flinn-Engdahl region of the earthquakes listed in the SRCMOD database is obtained using the web-service provided by Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) .

This website requires browsers to be JavaScript enabled for some of the functions. The current version has been tested on the following browsers: Firefox and Google Chrome.