syn Format

The file format use for the ground-motion data is described below.

filename: label_modeler_receiver#.syn

For example:
-   inv2a_mai_i012.syn for a site used in the inversion, and
-   inv2a_mai_p003.syn if the motions are computed using the inferred rupture model.

label modeler date
rec# rec_crd_X rec_crd_Y
npts dt fmax

time-series data (formatted as 15.6e, see example below):
x-comp y-comp z-comp

Example time-series output file:   inv2a_mai_I1.syn

        inv_2a	mai	 15.03.2013
        I1		9.95	35.02
        500	 0.01   2.5
        2.708477e-01  2.854577e-01  2.933980e-01 
        2.953652e-01  2.918521e-01  2.831548e-01 
        2.694041e-01  2.505884e-01  2.266108e-01 
        1.973462e-01  1.627026e-01  1.226894e-01 
        7.748341e-02  2.749405e-02 -2.658398e-02 

source inversion validation database | version 1.0.0